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Deputy IT's software projects are unique. Our approach is to fully take over software design, build, deploy and support of complete projects. We provide a reliable and informal ‘easy if mind’ approach that resonates really well to our customers. In most cases Deputy IT quickly turns from a IT provider into a strategic development partner. Together we balance the ideal mix of development and support.

Some customers initiate their partnership with Deputy IT as a start-up with a software-product as their main business driver to their customers. Often, in this initiation phase, setting up a development team is not a simple option. We make a agreed, tailored set of deliverable using  a flexible approach to a financial agreement, Deputy IT shares the risk of success. In other words, we become a partner into your success. This helps us both to work towards a long lasting partnership.

Al projects start with one or more sessions to translate the idea/concept/project towards a softwareproduct that we can describe onto 1 piece of paper. We call this the A4-tje approach. Then we jointly start to prioritize and divide the building steps and phases. This is important, because now we are able to offer you a fixed prize project and set the date for delivery for deployment, where you can agree upon.

 Upon delivery and deployment we jointly determine:

  • Technical documentation and user manuals
  • Making of trainingsmanuals and docmentations
  • Level of service to you and your customer
  • Renewals and follow up developments for updates and future releases

Services & Portfolio

Start-up Support

We love start-ups. Start-ups help us with innovations and our entrepreneurial spirit. Once we also were a start-up.
When you’re busy with starting up a company many activities cross your way. Business models, fundings, employees, product development etc. You are busy with your model, network and improving your offer. If software is a part of your offer or service Deputy IT likes to think along. How do you make sure that you can offer suitable software that fits within your budget, shows the right support and gives your start-up the right professional impression? We like to partner with you and in are in most cases able to give you the prefect solution that fits your budget, planning and ambitions.

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Embedded Data Analyses

At present many organizations dispose of a huge amount of data that is particularly used internally. Deputy IT has the right tools to share your data via your website. By embedding our packaged software solutions you give your website visitors access to powerfull analyses possibilities. Such as drill down tables, interactive graphics and maps. This can be fully intergated and adjusted to your corporate indentity, software and website. An example are financial information (year figures), transportation data (public transport) and static information. We would be pleased to come in touch and discuss your thoughts on this matter.

Software development

Softwaredevelopment is our passion. With our team of experienced developers we have a broad range of expertise. We are used to tight collaboration with the client and share our opinion and vision during the whole phase of a development project.
We are all-round software developers and have knowlegde of C#, .NET, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery and Ajax. For databases we are very experienced, even to complex database environments, where much information is being adapted, aggregated and consolidated. Naturally with the correct authorizations for the right users. Our projects vary from a few weeks to several months or years. Feel free to contact us and be inspired by our enthousiasm!

Lean Planning Online

in architecture Lean planning online makes it possible to make and keep up a simple yet clear contructionplan. This construction plan is available 24 hours a day on each location for all the involved parties. Features: Simple, clear, userfriendly, flexibel, up to date and always and anywhere available.

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Survey Tool

Inceptivize supports corporations with measuring their customer satisfaction, image, stakeholders-involvement and employee satisfaction. Measurements and results are translated to specific recommendations. Inceptivize offers an online surveytool where you can set up and keep all your (aftersales) surveys and customer panels. Deputy IT developes and supports the surveytool for Inceptivize. We support Inceptivize in the field of software development, integration and updates.

Website Inceptivize

Trend Scorecard

Commissioned by A-Result, Deputy IT developed an extensive scorecard application called Trend. Trend offers companies a flexible scorecard solution that is easy to adapt and work with by the own staff. The powerfull data model offers users many possibilities to discover trends and patterns.
Some features of Trend are:
– Flexible KPI wizard
– Easy to use user interface
– Save reports in your own books and chapters
– Link to in depth reports

   Website A-Result

Smart Building Platform

Deputy IT started Immotix in 2009 as a separate trademark and holds full ownership. Immotix has become an advanced Smart Building Platform and Security Management System that connects a broad range of common building systems, like Access Control-, Intrusion Alarm, Fire Detection and Camera Surveillance Systems (CCTV). Also Time and Attandance, Safety, Rescue and Emergency Personnel and Visitor identification registration is included. Are you looking for making your building more sustainable, using less energy resources?  Also Energy usage and Climate Sensors are part of the platform, as well as Lightning/Sunscreen Control, Digital Signage and Intactive Maps. Of course this is over a secure IP network and you may choose to have our software installed locally or use our high secure cloud. Immotix let’s the building-users expercience that their building becomes smart. The Immotix Smart Building Platform is an open, brand independent platform. Both existing and new buildings are eligible to use Immotix.

Website Immotix

Cube – OLAP

With more then 21 years of experience in the field of Business Intelligence and OLAP motivated us to develop our own OLAP analyses solution. In cooperation with A-Result we jointly made a new module called Kubus. Kubus is a real time data analyses on high volumes of data. Kubus is very suitable to be embedded in websites and apps where big data analyses is used. For this cause Kubus offers a very easy to install but yet powerfull analyses tool which is also very useful for controllers and more casual data analysists.

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Access Control

Are your offices used in an effective, smart manner? Do you need better insight in behaviour, patterns and peple movements within your buidings, offices and parking facilities? Do you want your building to become a Smart Building with high ROI? Do you see the importance of a quick evacuation and inside information during an accident? Is it a comforting thought that empolyees and visitors are known for the reception or security team? Deputy IT made a state-of-art cloud platform that provides an user friendly smart building system, with real time connection and integration to access devices and modules of multiple brands and manufacturers. Features: insight for the managment, userfriendly, real time and high data safety (high encryption).

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